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Dog Day Camp

Established 1966

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Laguna Hills Animal Hospital Dog Day Camp is a place for your pooch to enjoy a fun filled day of play and exercise with other pets.  We provide dog day camp as well as overnight boarding for travelers. 

We understand dogs need their exercise, boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking.  Play keeps a dog’s body and mind active - and builds a healthier, happier, better behaving pet. 

That’s why everyday at our Dog Day Camp is filled with stimulation, interaction, and play, as well as nap and quiet time.

Our campers play outdoors, and you can view them online anytime with our Pet Cams while working or traveling.  Most importantly, our staff members are supervised to ensure your pup has a great time!  Your best friend will enjoy playing in a large, secure area with our caring staff and other dog friends (who have been temperament tested).

To ensure the safety and well being of all pets at our Dog Day Camp, the following is required for enrollment:

 We accept dogs four months and older who have completed all of their vaccinations.  If your dog is over six months of age, he or she must be neutered or spayed prior to taking part in group play time.  Dogs must be in good health (no coughing, sneezing, or diarrhea), flea/tick free, friendly to all dogs, and generally love to play

All dogs must be current on DHPP, Rabies, Bordatella, and Giardia vaccinations.

Each dog will be temperament tested by our staff before being allowed to participate.

Laguna Hills Animal Hospital reserves the right to deem any dog unsuitable for group play.

Signed waivers are required for enrollment. (Click here to download the Pet Assessment form)

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our Pet Cams.

Laguna Hills Animal Hospitals Dog Day Camp offers your pet play, exercise, and companionship with other playmates throughout the day.

  If Dog Day Camp doesn’t seem like a good fit for your dog, we also offer individual play time.

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